Friday, March 9, 2012

Purse Treat Container

Purse Treat Container

This would be fun for a birthday or tea party even.  If you cut the top flap off, it creates a nice size treat box as well.

© Score your 6” x 11”.5 print or cardstock at 1.5”, 5”, 6.5” and 10”.

© Turn your paper and score the 6” side at 1” and 4. 5”.

© Cut slits up to the 1” score line.  Angle the cuts slightly to allow the box to close better.

© See diagram and cut away sections as shown.


© Use your favourite corner punch to round the corners, if desired.

© Use your red tacky tape on the flaps. (bottom and edge)

© Use your bone folder to create nice crisp folds.

© Remove tape backing and line up the corners.

© Decorate as desired (I LOVE the smaller prints on the 6” pads and the prints with 4 quarters) and the tiny tags and stamps.

© Add tulle to create a handle if desired, by punching 2 small holes along the back of the scored lines on the top flap.  Embellish with bling, flowers, etc. You will need to gently pinch the sides in at the top to close.  I used a brad and twine on mine.

© Fill with cookies, candy, and other treats.

© Enjoy!

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